France With Guns

France With Guns

French unrest continues despite President Macron’s intention to delay the gas tax, the subject of the protests. To compliment the scenes of first responders joining the protesters, are videos of hidden snipers and one yellow vest possibly being shot in the street.

Looking at the turmoil, I can not help but think how something very similar could have happened here, had Hillary the Traitor won. Even now with President Trump in office, such a turn of events is not unthinkable. Daily we Americans still bear the humiliating taunts of a two-tiered justice system. We are reminded a different set of standards and laws is in play depending on how you voted.

We can be subjected to violence, denied public platforms for expression, fired from our jobs, and driven from our families under color of law. The publicly permissible opinions are not ours. The normally tolerable people are not us.

It does not matter how many people actually agree with conservative ideas. It does not matter how many actually see our positions as reasonable.

So the day may still come when the US silent majority, like the yellow vests in France, rise up. Then you will see resistance the likes of which Antifa could never imagine in their wildest dreams. Because unlike Antifa, we are popular, respected, accomplished, and armed.

If you are on the Regressive Left and this thought strikes you as the least bit disconcerting, it is time you start taking action to prevent things from spiraling out of your control. Because, if this ever happens here, it will be the first time in your life that it has really been all about you.

You can start by simply being honest. Honest with yourselves and honest with us.

The media would have you believe this all about a tax. If your public school teachers did their job, the first thing you should think in response is, “So was the Boston Tea Party.” Or, if your teachers taught you to be America-hating dissemblers, you probably have a host of societal ills upon which to divert the blame from your own shoulders.

Do yourself a favor. Don’t choose B.

I’m seeing footage of people digging up streets and fires being set all while first responders surrender in droves to the mob and it looks to me like the tax thing is only an minor symptom of a larger disease.

The people are protesting an elitist government wholly dedicated to solving the problems of globalist corporations and transnational governments and, in doing so, those politicians increase the troubles and burdens of the very people they are actually sworn to serve.

Not only are the people being crushed by taxes and regulations they neither need nor asked for, they are being insulted as they are told in the same breath that the people, are not the constituency but the problem.

They are toxically male. They have white privilege. They are too Western, too Christian, too beautiful, too confident, too educated, too empowered, too talented, or even too carbon. Their every advantage comes at the cost of disadvantage to other millions.

In short, there is no room in the equation for them. Everything that is right about the average tax payer is wrong about the world.

If you as a Leftist do not think there is a similar majority of people in this country who do not feel the exact same way, you are in for a very rude awakening.

So it is time to start seeing your political opponents as human beings.

This does not mean you have to suddenly do a complete change of your views only that you start admitting to yourself and to others that people who disagree are not racist Nazi monsters.

As someone who has lived abroad, I can tell you there is absolutely nothing wrong with immigration laws – not in places like Japan or Brazil and not in the United States. It is equally normal and sane to hold to the opinion that such laws need to be obeyed by citizen and foreigner alike.

A person who breaks the laws of a host country and sees fit to mockingly berate its citizens, is actually being very narrow-minded and disrespectful.

This is a universal truth. Even in America.

Also, it is not wrong to want the government and its officials and functionaries to be subjected to the same laws as the average citizen. Yet the talking heads on cable news would have you believe this is a naive delusion.

It is the primary purpose of government to put the needs of its citizens first. So how do you say the government’s real purpose is to serve anyone but its citizens and call anyone who believes otherwise a “White Nationalist”?

Why do you advocate for the needs of transnational corporations over those of your own nation’s working class? Why is this suddenly wrong when it was never your position before?

You may think that by silencing us in daily life you are solving the problem but in reality you are only exacerbating the situation and setting yourselves up as defenders of an exploitative and dysfunctional system.

Look at the headlines, Leftists. The whole world gets what is going on. Why can’t you?

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