Socialist International: Understanding Your Replacement

(Published February 18th, 2019 - Houston, Texas)

In the late 1990’s, leaders from around the globe huddled behind a small table at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. The topic of discussion was international socialism. The most notable person in attendance was President Bill Clinton who gave an enthusiastic, if not relieved, speech about this new “third way” for the world.

In the 90’s, socialism was the goal among the Democratic party, but they couldn’t say it publicly, as noted in the exchange between communist Massimo D’Alema and Bill Clinton. Caution was recommended on the language used to push these dangerous ideas. Now thirty years later, they are in the open. The so called "Democratic-socialists” are becoming more influential. Far-left activists at The Washington Post, NPR, and the New York Times position these subversive candidates to the front with coordinated media releases. Everything and everyone is a piece of the well oiled machine working toward international socialism.

The Umbrella Organization for the Movement

Socialist International (SI) is a world-wide revolutionary network of political parties comprised of communists, democratic-socialists, and the like. They coordinate policy decisions, discuss strategy, and organize to overthrow the current world structure of nation states to bring in a socialist utopia. The network is large at 153 political parties officially collaborating across one hundred countries. A full political party member list may be found at their website.

The image below displays nations with active SI affiliated political parties (light red color) and those parties with control of the government (dark red).

Houston Courant 2019: Graphical Representation of Socialist International Activity. Dark red signifies a SI party is in control of the government in some form. Light red shows a SI political party is officially active within the nation. The democratic socialists in the United States are currently omitted.

Houston Courant 2019: Graphical Representation of Socialist International Activity. Dark red signifies a SI party is in control of the government in some form. Light red shows a SI political party is officially active within the nation. The democratic socialists in the United States are currently omitted.

The map should alarm anyone who values individual liberty. A global socialist force is rapidly spreading across the planet, and few countries are acting against them. The older generations may find the threat reminiscent of creeping communism. Indeed, many of the same bureaucrats from the Soviet Union are among the various SI parties.

Control of the United Nations

The United Nations (UN) was once a vehicle for the United States to project power and resolve conflicts, but this is no longer the case. It is now one of many tools international socialists use to move people and overthrow individual nations.

The UN’s current top bureaucrat, Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, was the former head of SI from 1999 to 2005, and the head of the Portuguese Socialist Party 1992 to 2002. It was during his tenure that the United Nations published and acted upon several studies advocating the replacement of the Europeans with various African and Middle-eastern peoples to combat a declining population. Protection of pensions via a new tax base was the reasoning. It was all a ruse to not alarm the public about their replacement.

Migration as the Weapon of Choice for the Socialists

Nothing is more effective in combating a liberty loving populace than importing a different people en masse. It was Ronald Reagan’s amnesty during the 1980’s that flipped California from a Republican stronghold to a Democratic party behemoth. The migrant population numbered in the millions and gained the vote. The result years later? Feces, drugs, and poverty everywhere. A mirror image of the third world.

Uncontrolled migration to the United States is particularly problematic given birthright citizenship. Two migrants entering the country can breed a new citizen within a year. Those new citizens seduced by socialist fairy-tales can turn the course of a nation within 15 years. Texas is currently undergoing this takeover without a single shot being fired.

The Four Ways to Combat International Socialism

Action must be taken by our representatives to prevent the takeover. I present four key areas that must be enacted to stop the threat.

  1. Mass deportations of non-citizens is the single most important course of action to turn the tide against international socialism. Foreign peoples are the weapon that undermine the cohesiveness of a society and destroy the community.

  2. Restricting migration by means of physical barriers and other technology will prevent future flows of migrants. Where necessary, the military must be used for its proper role, the national defense, and most importantly the authorization to use deadly force must be granted.

  3. In the United States, ending birthright citizenship and all migration from other nations is paramount for maintaining a cohesive society based on mutual values. The importation of migrants and subsequent breeding can replace the American people within two or three generations. Economic arguments for importing labor are fallacious. All labor is a matter of price. Where skilled labor is too few in an industry, firms must automate or raise wages to attract the necessary people. Where unable, those goods may simply be imported.

  4. Maintaining a foreign policy of peace, sound money, and open trade with countries. Peace and open trade continue to be the fastest way to allow the accumulation of capital and building of wealth for the poorest nations. Toppling a foreign government stirs resentment against the good guys. Allowing the fruits of capitalism to trickle down to the poor will empower people to rise above the subsistence level and eventually oppose dangerous ideas. War planes destroying critical infrastructure will have the reverse effect.

These recommendations are necessary for the preservation of a cohesive society and preventing a takeover by international socialists. Do our leaders have the courage to act? Do they have the will to tell the people what must be done? It remains to be seen.