Media, Cut the Horses**t

Media, Cut the Horses**t

Democrat media/government operatives have pivoted to feigned shock and surprise as the Mueller report dropped Friday without a single new indictment or any other action that would support the long-proffered narrative that the “walls are closing in” on President Trump and his supposed band of ne’er-do-well Russian traitors.

If they were genuine, then they would be sub-sentient in cognitive ability. In reality, they are corrupt and it is long past time to indulge their petty fantasies of revenge for 2016.

The investigation was never going to find success in ensnaring the Commander in Chief. Democrats and media pundits were aware this was a farce since the beginning.

  1)     It is not now nor ever was a crime to talk to Russians (or any other foreigners) or to talk about Russia (or any other country).

2)     It is not now nor ever was a crime to solicit damaging political information from Russians or anyone else for that matter – foreigner or not.

3)     Candidate Trump did neither of these things anyway.

4)     Yet according to the media  Candidate Trump’s biggest offense was to win the election. This also is not a crime.

5)     The basis of the investigation, the infamous “piss dossier,” was completely bogus – something every able-minded American (ie, anyone not working for Buzzfeed) knew at first glance.

Let’s take stock: we had a non-investigation into a non-crime based on no evidence.

Democrats would have had a better chance of revenge had they investigated Trump for being a body double from the Solarite Empire from Metaluna Prime. Sure none of those things exist, but at least the crime would have been real.

As if that was not enough, Mueller’s team is on record saying they never touched the alleged scene of the digital crime: the server from which the emails were culled that went into the Wikileaks dump. Nor have they questioned Wikileaks about its involvement – which raises eyebrows over how the Special Counsel could make the assessment that Russia passed hacked information to Wikileaks. (Details are not yet available but, spoiler alert: they are probably laughable.)

This revelation should have alarmed leftists. If the goal was to definitively connect Trump to the crime, shouldn’t they have been investigating the crime scene? Instead pundits blew off the lack of interest in the server as a sign that the Mueller team was not falling for that old trick.


And now these same people are shocked at the results.

I have written before about the dysfunctional and abusive relationship the American media has with its gullible audiences. It is long past time to forgive these antics as misinformed but well-meaning hysterics.

They are not always wrong because they are so incredibly stupid. No one is that dumb. They are always wrong because they are always lying.

Anyone angry about the result of the Mueller investigation needs to direct their ire towards their real abusers in the media. They are the ones who worked tirelessly to convince half the population a fevered political fan fiction was not just plausible but happening before their very eyes.

Throughout the course of the past three years, many good and innocent Americans have been defamed, brutalized, and even murdered by liberals brainwashed through deceptive reporting, lies, and numerous outright hoaxes.

If we allow the corporate media to continue to hide behind dimwitted falsehoods, they will rant until they do to our country what they did to Ferguson, Missouri. And that would look an awful lot like civil war. The establishment media is a threat, hostile to national unity.

The spin to perpetuate the ‘Muh Russia’ hoax attempts to whitewash all ramifications of Mueller’s report. These ramifications are the biggest political game-changers in American history.

It matters that the report came up empty – without a single indictment actually related to the “crime” it was ostensibly charged with investigating.

  •        IF President Trump has been cleared, THEN his victory over Hillary Clinton is real, fair, and licit.

•        IF the basis of the investigation was false, THEN the entire investigation was a waste of time and resources.

•        IF those who pushed the dossier knew it was false, THEN they are guilty of something far more serious than libel – sedition at the very least if not outright treason. This includes those in the media who knew as well other co-conspirators like John McCain.

•        IF there were high-ranking law enforcement and government officials who jeopardized their very lives by knowingly partaking in such serious criminal activity THEN it begs the questions: Why? And: For whom?

 People need to realize these uncomfortable questions point directly to the same group of disreputable shills who have been pushing this divisive narrative for over two years.

 You are not only getting your information from liars who hate you, you are listening to the criminal conspirators who would rather this nation tear itself apart than to be called out on their criminal activities.

As a former Navy Intelligence operator, I was floored to hear about Hillary Clinton’s email server scandal. My immediate reaction was to wonder who the DNC was going to get to run in her place because clearly such a crime was a career-ender to say the least.

Then I watched in shock as the media tried to explain it all away. I was terrified when Comey exonerated her by both abusing his power and sugar-coating her activities with patently false statements.

Since then, the corrupt establishment has been at war with its own government by compromising the safety of all Americans while glibly brushing off allegations as empty rhetoric.

There is a reason our laws dictate treason and espionage are the only crimes outside of murder that incur the death penalty. The work of the intelligence community is indispensable to keeping Americans safe from incursions as well as getting embroiled in bloody foreign battles.

Without an effective intelligence apparatus, we are nearly helpless to the types of violations Democrats like Adam Schiff decry while simultaneously facilitate.

Meanwhile members of the departments of Justice and State are actively working to obfuscate and hide the data, leading me to wonder if our country has even triaged the damage caused by Hillary Clinton.

How can any intel mission go forward if we have no idea if which have been compromised and how gravely?

No one in the media has asked this question despite the fact it directly addresses the safety of every man, woman, and child within these borders. They could not care less.

Imagine current and future generations of intelligence servants coming onboard knowing any day the entirety of their endeavors could be spilled by a swanning swill and that they not only would have to pay the price for this in the form lost access and dead patriots but that the traitor who compromised everything got off scot-free because of their class.

We would never be able to stand up an effective intelligence operation again.

If the perpetrators of this crime walk, our country falls. If those who perpetuated the hoax as part of the cover up go free, our government will never serve its people again.

Justice demands everyone be held accountable.

The time for coddling is over. No person, pundit, news organization, or tin foil hat homeless conspiracy theorist can remain unchallenged in this psychological warfare in the name of crooks and traitors. In both personal and professionals circles, it is time for us to forgo our bemused patience and call everyone out for these self-serving fairy tails.

Trump is, and always was, innocent. That means those who manipulated the country into starting this investigation are the real villains.

Mueller’s report does not change anything. It changes everything.

Enter the MAGArai

Enter the MAGArai