Enter the MAGArai

Enter the MAGArai

Pop culture from the 80’s is replete with images of post-apocalyptic worlds featuring desperate people scavenging from the refuse of civilized epochs to cudgel together new weapons of defense against roving bands of lawless brigands.

For stories set in this backdrop it was believable to see such anachronistic pairings such as a muzzle loading blunderbuss go against a museum piece two-handed broad sword, a car with mounted machine guns against a kung-fu master, or a talking motorcycle against break dancing ninjas.

In 2019, we are far from the cold war fears which once fueled these visions of chaos and societal collapse and yet an incident on March 29th serves as a reminder such terrors are closer to reality today than at any time in the past.

It took place in America’s premier dystopia-in-progress known as San Francisco before an abandoned Catholic parish re-purposed by the corporate peasants as a roller rink in the aftermath of the devastation that was decades of Democratic party rule.

This is where, according to reports, an argument became physical when a man knocked the MAGA hat off the head of a lone conservative. The MAGA hat man, obviously informed by years of intimidation and violence against Trump supporters (with some of the worst cases in California), decided to defend himself against the assault (because that is legally what you are doing when attempt to take someone’s hat away).

So he drew his sword and sliced the assailant’s hand.

This is San Francisco now.

As this is still a developing story, much remains unclear. Unfortunately whenever there are holes left in a narrative and one of the people involved is either a conservative, a Republican, or a Trump supporter; the media tends to indulge in typical leftist wish-fulfillment fantasizing.

At first, the MAGArai was blamed for a “sword attack” – making it sound like some redneck with a katana went crazy in a street bazaar.

Then it was reported that he sliced the assailant’s hand off.

Then it was reported he nearly sliced the assailant’s hand off.

And now it comes out that he cut the dude’s hand, the assailant was treated at the hospital for non life-threatening injuries, and was released.

According to the police’s own words, the MAGArai was acting in response to aggression. Though he was the guy with the sword, he was the victim and not the attacker.

Yet the police have yet to publicly acknowledge this detail opting instead to treat the victim of assault and battery as the “perpetrator” and his assailants as “victims.” The reporting, much of it by the San Francisco Chronicle, uses the same reverse logic which might account for the fact that story originally reversed the roles of attacker and victim.

Apparently San Francisco’s prosecuting attorney attended the Kim Foxx school of corrupt law enforcement.

Since the incident, Leor Bergland (the MAGArai) was booked on suspicion of attempted murder, mayhem, and weapons and (of course) assault charges. His bail was set at $1 million dollars.

It is clear the prosecution’s argument will rely heavily on the relatively primitive nature of the sword and its apparent barbarity.

Yet the sword is far from barbaric. It is an elegant weapon from a more civilized time. And the assailant is actually fortunate Bergland chose to defend himself with a less deadly close range weapon instead of a gun which would have more likely resulted in the assailant’s demise.

A check of California and San Francisco knife laws makes clear there are no blade length restrictions – only on loitering when you carry. This wobbly standard is a good way to discourage the use of long blades such as machetes and swords by leaving citizens confused as to how such a standard would be applied.

Unless more evidence is comes out demonstrating Bergland was indeed the instigator of violence, it looks like the police arrested the wrong party.

It is curious both the police and the press are taking great pains not to reveal the names of the real assailant in this story.

The real assailant is a 27 year-old Berkley man who crossed the street to confront Bergland and promptly knocked the MAGA hat off his head.

In addition, after he was slashed, the Berkley man’s injury did not quell his rage at all. He continued to advance and, along with another “witness,” chased Bergland several blocks until the man with sword spun on his heels and faced his attackers and scared them off – no doubt to the shrill tune of a shakuhachi playing in the background and a cloud of cherry blossoms swirling in the wind.

Bergland’s choice of weapon and his attempt to put distance between himself and the Berkley attackers were both acts of mercy. He could have held his ground against the parties acting in tribal unity with the man who just committed assaulted him. This would have resulted in several bodies strewn before the steps of the desecrated church.

No wonder the San Francisco police are looking for video evidence of the attack. Without proof of an actual crime being committed by MAGArai, the prosecution is stuck relying on the testimony of the  criminal assailant against the word of his victim.

But like Chicago, liberal Californians are afforded democratic immunity. Remember:

•        Kathryn Steinle’s murderer was able to get off by feigning confused immigrant incapable of comprehending such a thing as the gun he shot her with.

•        Antifa member Eric Clanton, aka the “Bike Lock Professor” without provocation bashed in the skulls of several random conservatives and was merely sentenced to probation.

•        California Senator Dianne Feinstein employed a Chinese spy on her staff and became rich off several deals with the Chinese at the expense of Americans’ safety and security. She has yet to face any questions from the media or law enforcement for her treachery.

When self defense is attempted murder and assault victims are charged as perpetrators, you cannot blame people for reacting to this discriminatory legal system by taking up arms in order to defend themselves against sanctioned violence and unchecked lawlessness.

San Francisco is the canary in the coal mine and a sign of what is to come as our institutions continue to collapse. It is rife with crime, infested with disease, and run by kleptocrats. Very much like an  indigent drunk aspirating on his last mouthful of vomit before finally succumbing to the rot, the city totters on its last legs.

It is likely too late for San Francisco. To paraphrase a famous post-apocalyptic 80’s character, the city may not know it, but it’s already dead.

Leor Bergland Case Update: MAGArai Pleads “Not Guilty,” Attorney Blames San Franciscans’ Intolerance

Leor Bergland Case Update: MAGArai Pleads “Not Guilty,” Attorney Blames San Franciscans’ Intolerance

Media, Cut the Horses**t

Media, Cut the Horses**t