The Biggest, Most Earth-Shaking Surprise in Store for Democrats

The Biggest, Most Earth-Shaking Surprise in Store for Democrats

Another week, another crisis. This time the DNC/Media complex is in conniptions over the Mueller report. Not for the report’s findings, but merely for its presentation. As the sounds of liberal heads popping in New York and DC reverberate across our big Texas skies, I cannot help but wonder how things will shake out when Liberals finally realize that our political movement, the Trump movement, is actually a civil rights movement while Liberals will be remembered as the ones who tried to stop it.

The time is coming when Leftist will understand the 21st century civil rights movement they waited their entire lives to become a part of is the very thing they have been fighting against tooth and nail the past three years.

When this happens, when the proverbial Hippie cock crows for the third time and they realize they were not faithful to the unconventional and anti-establishment values so hallowed in 60’s lore, things could get very interesting.

Right now, no one on the Left can begin to wrap their head around the idea – even hypothetically. After all, they are the ones fighting for “minorities” against the proverbial rich white male in power.

But things are not as they would have them and history is not kind to anyone this indulgent in their preconceptions.

Even among the Left, more people are awakening to realization that identity politics is nothing more than codified racism disguised as tolerance. In truth, it is no more than the by-product of corporate and think tank focus groups. Polls show only a minority of Democrats believe these divisive issues should be prioritized but no single candidate is “empowered” enough to drop them from their platform.

Once the veil of identity politics is lifted, it is clear the MAGA movement is a civil rights movement. Not much about it is even unprecedented.

•        President Leader. President Trump is not even the first person in US history to hold the office of president while acting as a civil rights leader. Perhaps the greatest among US president/civil rights leaders is Abraham Lincoln, the Great Emancipator.

•        FBI Spying. The MAGA movement is not even the first civil rights movement to be targeted by FBI. The Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. was also illegally spied on and the bureau even placed several moles in his ranks. To this day, the role of these moles played in King’s assassination is still under a cloud. Illegal moles and spying on an iconoclastic leader challenging the status quo? Some things never change.

•        Hated by Big Corporations. The Trumpian movement is also not the first civil rights movement to make enemies among the corporate elite. When the Ludlow coal miners went on strike against their employer Colorado Fuel & Iron Co., the Rockefellers conducted domestic terrorism and guerrilla warfare with hired thugs armed with machine guns. Hundreds died. None were Rockefellers.

•        Wealthy Land Owner vs Government. Donald Trump is also not the first wealthy land owner in US history to be at war with his own government. That distinction belongs to George Washington and the Founding Fathers.

•        Assimilationist. The MAGA movement is also not the first movement to promote cultural assimilation – that is, the concept that American culture and society is unique and special and therefore worth preserving. Father Michael McGivney, the founder of the Knights of Columbus, was motivated to create the fraternal order in response to anti-Catholic jingoism accusing Catholics of having divided loyalties to the Vatican. His solution was to make patriotism one of the primary values of the knights and to name the organization after the Catholic Christopher Columbus who discovered the American continent. This tactic of organizing against detractors while also promoting love of country proved potent and the Knights of Columbus remain one of our nation’s most successful civil rights movements no one ever talks about.

While both sides of the political aisle can claim to be for civil rights, when compared with historical precedent, it is clear only one side even comes close to resembling one. Indeed, other than being against Trump! what is the Left fighting for?

Greater authoritarian control; fewer rights like speech and self-defense; identity-based system of justice; rule by judges, conglomerates, and remote and unaccountable international bureaucrats? War with Russia? Exploitation of Hispanics?

The only civil rights issue the Left can hope to claim is that of right for illegal immigrants but this is a corporate objective wrapped in the pious language of virtue.

The concept does not even make logical sense. No American is under any obligation to extend the rights recognized by our constitution to non-Americans. Full stop.

We do not address the fact Saudi Arabians do not receive the benefit of our legal system by raiding their jails so criminals can stand trial here in America. Yet this is exactly the reasoning used by Leftists to argue for “rights” for illegal immigrants.

What about the rights of workers whose wages are being suppressed? What about the rights of Texans to safety and peace from MS-13? What about the rights of school children forced to used Spanish in the classroom? What about protecting the vote from foreign influence?

Trample trample trample, say the Dems as citizens’ rights are crushed underfoot. Meanwhile, if the corporations were not banking on cheap Mexican labor, you can bet nary a DC tear would be shed over simply enforcing the laws on the books.

The Leftist argument is a supremacist argument placing the rights of non-citizens and the prerogatives of multinational corporations above citizens. Far from resembling bystanders in this struggle for equality and human rights, Liberals have become the villains.

Witness the actions of Facebook just this past week with their cowardly banning of conservative speakers Milo Yiannopoulis, Paul Joseph Watson, Laura Loomer, and Alex Jones. Mark Zuckerberg has assumed the role of the early 19th century industrial magnate, turning the fire hoses against innocent people in order to clear out his platform.

Zuckerberg will be remembered in US history as a villain. As too will monolithic oppressors like Google/YouTube, Twitter, PayPal, and JPMorgan Chase Bank.

This list of oppressors is the upper tier of American economic powers. The biggest and most powerful players in their respective industries, these companies are openly signaling to government leaders all over the world that they are willing and capable of targeting the institutionally inconvenient with little more than a pretense.

And the list will grow. MasterCard is planning a CYA vote to install a right-to-bank star chamber in its board to blacklist conservatives. Not that it needed the fig leaf of renegade committees before.

At some level, this marriage of unequivocal power with political will to openly suppress large numbers of our own countrymen has to be unnerving for even the most fanatical Leftist. At one time, they were the champions of the little guy against Wall Street. Alas, this principle has long since been jettisoned.

Sooner or later, the average Liberal is going to realize this vague idea eating away in the back of their mind is in fact their conscience trying to tell them something important.

That something is the simple truth that none of history’s villains thought what they were doing in the moment was actually evil, only that it was necessary. At the other end of that necessity, was greater idea or ideal these villains desperately wanted to share with the world.

Maybe it was an utopia or maybe it was a world where the status quo order helped to actualize society into a better version of itself.

History’s villains practiced a willful blindness to the detriment they caused everyone else. They just knew better than the rest and so refused to listen to the other side of the argument. For them, the debate was settled. There is no introspection, no need for apologies for past wrongs. There is only the project.

If that kind of thinking sounds familiar to you, it is because you see some form of it everyday.

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