Cuck and a Hard Place

Cuck and a Hard Place

Marcus Lemonis has been walking with a strut these past few days. The Chief Executive Officer of Camping World made headlines in his battle against a Statesville, North Carolina ordinance against oversized flags like the one flying over one of his branches in the city.

“I understand that if I don’t comply with that order that I could and would be arrested and out in jail until the flag came down,” he said. “It’s not coming down under any circumstances.”

Naturally, this kind of sentiment suits the Camping World target demographic: virile, independent, and rugged outdoorsy-type men (and the women who love them) and the fight is winning him sympathy enough that many are forgetting his August 2017 tirade against Trump supporters suggesting they need not frequent his stores.

Tone deaf? Yes. Unwise? Certainly. But Lemonis’ antipathy towards Donald Trump goes back to the early days of Candidate Trump in 2015 when the CEO demanded NASCAR abandon the Trump National Doral Miami Resort as the venue for its annual awards show or his company would not partake in the event.

Lemonis even scoffed at the idea the economic turnaround had anything to do with Trump saying, “That’s really more laughable than anything.”

So he is not only reckless, he is stupid. As you will see, this is something of a developing theme among a certain group of people adhering to a certain ideology.

Maybe the stupid explains his statement, also uttered in his infamous 2017 anti-Trump critique: “I’m concerned about certain CEO’s dancing on the fence, fearing retaliation, or fearing something. It’s scary right now.”

We are talking Antifa level stupidity here. He is one of the KoolAid drinkers living in that alternate La Resistance universe where gays and Mexicans trenchcoat through back alleys to trade message ciphers and food stamps while avoiding the ever-watchful eye of gainful employers.

Is it, Marcus? Is it “scary”?

The scary part is just beginning. For you, anyway.

Just when Lemonis was getting his “Love ‘Murrrica” bone fides back, he finds himself on the receiving end of the same sentiment he so stridently and bravely iterated two years prior.

From the typhoid streets of San Francisco comes the warning from SalesForce that the company will not allow its online sales technology to be used to sell military-style assault rifles. And pistols. And some magazines. And some triggers. Oh, and this is a new policy the company is foisting on its client businesses out of the blue, so the smart take is to expect more of this randomness the next time Anderson Cooper sheds a tear over something.

The problem for Lemonis is not only does his Camping World company sell ammunition and other shooting equipment, but Gander Outdoor, the company Camping World bought out of bankruptcy at the end of 2017, sells those dreaded “military-style” rifles online.

A little background knowledge may be helpful. SalesForce is a customer relationship management (CRM) software company. Its product, also called SalesForce, is something of a software as a service package that gives companies tools for interacting with their customers online as well as collect and maintain their data.

SalesForce’s primary function is to help their clients (businesses such as Camping World) manage and expand their customer base. The company bills itself as a force to help you improve sales. Get it? That’s branding! Theirs is a very slickly packaged product of dubious value as the company sloughs off most of the heavy work (data input and data management) on the client companies that pay millions of dollars for their services in the first place.

So here we have a company whose raison d’etre is to help its client base improve relations with their customers telling their own clients how to conduct their business and dictating what sort of business they are allowed to conduct after contracts have already been signed, working relationships established, and sensitive customer data has been exported.

Cajoling and intimidating the very people who pay you is a decidedly bad look if you want to be known for great customer service. Boneheaded as this may seem, it is an oddly popular customer relationship strategy in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, and Hollywood – a fact that should give anyone pause before doing business with any California-based company in or beyond the B2B service industry.

Until we find out what is in the water that makes the people so stupid, anyone running a company would do well to steer clear of California insanity. Keep in mind, when you forge a working relationship with Salesforce, they get their hands on all your customer data.

 Would you trust your data with a company this deep in its own hubris? Can you trust that the same political class that does not bat an eye at FISA-ing a non-criminal civilian for a political vendetta with your client contact list?

 You would be a fool to do business with a company as emotionally unstable as Salesforce. If you are already doing business with them, it behooves you to exit that relationship yesterday. Close your accounts. Divest your shares. The inmates have taken over and soon there will be as much poo on their walls as there is on San Fran’s streets.

If your CEO is not smart enough to understand, I humbly offer my services as a being of intellect greater than a breadcrumb. I only request a six-figure salary and a modest golden parachute clause. Small price to pay for not running your company into the dirt over pointless posturing.

 I am looking at you, Camping World.

All eyes now turn to head doofus, Marcus Lemonis whose words about CEOs “dancing on the fence” of important issues when they could be taking a vocal stand are surely haunting him at the moment. How the tables have turned on our little holier-than-thou concern troll.

Does he have the testicular fortitude to stand up for his own company’s business model and for his own customers? Or does he back down, uttering more nonsense platitudes about how we have to avoid being the wrong kind of conservative?

You know, the kind of conservative who drinks whiskey and eats red meat off the bones of animals he kills with bare hands. Not the man-hating campers who carry soy milk in their reusable flasks. They already shop at REI.

And don’t think about quietly taking down those online sales pages for guns that offend coastal sensibilities, Marcus. I archived all your web pages for your AR15s (and other guns that liberals find scary) and I will notice if you remove them from your online store. (Note: readers at home can follow along as I put those archive links at the end of this article.)

If you do cuck out, I suggest also taking down the big American flag over the Statesville store. It would be a disgrace to associate that kind of cowardice with the flag of history’s greatest civilization. America deserves better than Camping World and Salesforce.

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