Houston Exclusive: The Most Dangerous Creature

Houston Exclusive: The Most Dangerous Creature

In an interview covering the Deep State Coup on Fox News attorney Joe diGenova hit on an important fact, “All the bad people in this story are lawyers.”

He has a point. James Comey, Lisa Page, both Clintons, Rod Rosenstein, Sally Yates, Bob Mueller, Barrack Obama, Bruce Ohr, FBI attorney James Baker, Adam Schiff, Michael Cohen – all of these key players hold Juris Doctor degrees from prestigious law schools.

All were sworn to protect and defend their country and to abide by the rule of law.

Instead, these liberal attorneys and legal specialists attempted to usurp and pervert the law rather than face the justice they so richly deserve.

 Played out at the highest level of government, this is a recurring fact pattern found at all levels of society in America.

The conservative press has spared no amount of ink in decrying the oppressive yet self-righteous ideology of the modern Liberals, NPCs, and SJWs. We documented their brazen disregard for hypocrisy as they weep over supposed constitutional abuses while pushing for totalitarian thought control and viewpoint discrimination based on straw man arguments, hoaxes, and outright lies.

The average hyper-partisan Liberal, is quick to dismiss questions on the morality of ruining a stranger’s life by doxing conservatives, removing them from employment, and running online hate campaigns.

When these same attitudes find their way into the halls of power, the abuse rises to completely new levels. Social media sites deplatform conservatives, banks close their accounts, and employers blacklist wrong-thinkers from entire industries.

When this love of situational ethics and oppressive righteousness coalesces with a Juris Doctor in an attorney or judge, the damage is comparable to losses suffered in any world war or long-term occupation by hostile forces.

Imagine being on the Supreme Court panel that legalized abortion and then reaching the end of your life knowing you personally validated the limitless murder of millions of innocent lives. The burden of those souls would far outweigh any millstone borne by any of history’s most bloodthirsty kings or holocaust participants.

All made possible by the simple stroke of a pen. Not because it was the right thing to do, but because the judge wanted it to be legal.

It was not just the judges, but also lawyers advocating for abortion who were undoubtedly the “bad people.” The Roe v Wade legal team has garnered quite the reputation in the years following due in large part to the fact the entire case was based more manipulation and narrative than on truth.

The Roe v Wade plaintiff, whose real name was Norma McCorvey, never even wanted an abortion (though she was at the time pro-choice). Yet a busybody attorney in pursuit of this “moral” cause plucked her out of a divorce case hoping to make a name for herself.

“Back in 1973, I was a very confused twenty-one year old with one child and facing an unplanned pregnancy.” … “At the time I fought to obtain a legal abortion, but truth be told, I have three daughters and never had an abortion,” she explained in a pro-life video on her views.

McCorvey recognized she had been duped and dedicated the later years of her life to the pro-life cause that, “the burden of all these deaths will be removed from my shoulders.”

This is not the only example of lawyers taking it upon themselves to use courts to to strong arm our culture through force of law. A more recent example would be the Obergefells Supreme Court case that bequeathed a right to homosexuals, which no heterosexual has ever claimed: the right to marriage.

Never mind that heterosexuals have practiced marriage as privilege and duty since time immemorial. No man or woman was ever entitled by right to marry any other person. Never mind the people of California passed a valid constitutional amendment banning gay marriage by popular vote. These were not even reasonable considerations for the attorneys and judicial oligarchs who saw themselves as the supreme arbiters of thousands of years of human tradition, understanding, and morality.

In the wake of this casual abrogation, new conflicts between church and state spawned as the same cadre of social engineering predators sought new opportunities to victimize bakeries, schools, churches, and lone individuals.

It is not just their ideological opponents liberal attorneys harm. For the sake of advancing an agenda even the purported victims whose causes they advocate are fair game for predatory exploitation. There are new Norma McCorveys spawned daily in the campaign against biological gender.

Jamie Shupe, the first American legally declared as gender “nonbinary” discussed his journey from transwoman back to natural man as one of harmful exploitation by an army of lawyers using him to forward their agenda.

“[B]efore the judge’s ink had even dried on my Oregon sex change court order, a Washington, D.C.-based LGBT legal aid organization contacted me. ‘We want to help you change your birth certificate,’ they offered,” Shupe revealed in a self-written article for the Heritage Foundations’s the Daily Signal.

His case was further exploited to change driver’s license laws in 11 states across the country.

“Lambda Legal used my nonbinary court order to help convince a Colorado federal judge to order the State Department to issue a passport with an X marker (meaning nonbinary) to a separate plaintiff named Dana Zzyym.”

Several judges also got into the act. When Jamie originally transitioned to female, a Pennsylvania judge sealed the court order changing his name, effectively severing him from past debt obligations. Another judge who declared Shupe a nonbinary was a parent of a transgender child and wanted to advance the agenda for purely personal reasons unconnected to law or, for that matter, the reality of biology.

In the end, Shupe describes the experience as a total sham that has left him with more psychological scars than he bore at the beginning of the process. When he recanted his views, the lawyers who labored tirelessly for his best interests promptly cut ties.

Shupe’s situation illustrates how the country is littered legal non-profits poised to utilize any occasion to push their agenda on an otherwise unsuspecting populace. These shiftless armies of attorneys are all clawing at the opportunity to get their hands on an increasingly tattered social contract.

If only this phenomenon were limited to a handful of ne’er do well law school grads. Unfortunately, the issue of political bias is pervasive throughout the legal community beginning (unsurprisingly) in the halls of academia.

Since the issue of liberal bias in law schools cropped up nearly two decades ago, universities have tried to downplay it by touting surveys, but we remain skeptical of their number. In an environment where anyone right of Mao is Hitler (a socialist), the criteria for “conservative” is questionable.

In 2015, the National Jurist ranked the most liberal and most conservative law schools and discovered those on the far left included some of the most preeminent institutions: Yale, Columbia, Stanford, UCLA, UC Berkeley, and Boston University. Meanwhile the most notable schools on the conservative end of the spectrum included private religious schools such as Brigham Young, Ave Maria, and Baylor.

Less than a year ago, the Supreme Court in Canada ruled a Christian law school which did not recognize the validity of gay marriage did not have the right to teach law – again echoing the valid legal concerns opponents of gay unions voiced throughout the years before Obergefells.

As can be expected the ruling has spurred similar conversations on shutting down private Christian law schools on the US side of the border.

The problem of bad people with JDs is not merely limited to courtrooms. Unsurprisingly many of the representatives elected to serve as legislators in the US also have the degree.

Oddly, it is not put to good use. Most legislation passed by congress is actually written by corporate law departments to advance the interests of the major corporations.

The world of corporate law is itself rife with liberal assumptions with entire legal departments publicly pushing racially discriminatory policies in favor of representation over merit.

From global warming, to trans rights, to suppression of free speech, to open borders, the law community has yet to meet a liberal talking point it disagrees with.

From the law schools, to the courtrooms, to the halls of power in corporations and government, it is painfully clear America has an attorney problem.

Agenda-driven liberals with law degrees are the most dangerous creatures to the fabric of our society. Motivated by an unshaken belief in their own self-righteousness, they are nonetheless oblivious to the havoc and bloodshed they cause.

The rest of us are faced with living in the aftermath. For the mere sake of preserving a left-leaning political agenda, we deal with the permanent psychological scars of abortion, deadly criminals streaming by the hundreds daily across the border, and watching in horror as our very government teeters on the brink of a civil war.

No principle is greater than the desire of the liberal attorney to assert their virtue cred in the moment. No human right is too precious – not speech, not association, not religion, not privacy. No concern is more important – not democracy, not federalism, not national security, not even our own safety from deadly harm.

It does not have to be this way. In other countries like Japan, laws are greater than the overpaid hotshots who manipulate them and attorneys are mostly seen as akin to clerks like accountants or secretaries.

Culturally, the West (particularly the US) ascribes too much prestige and cede too much power to the profession. It has undeniably gone to the heads of these three-year vocational school grads.

Joe diGenova has a point in saying all the bad people in the story are lawyers. The damage sustained is already beyond excusable. We call upon the American Bar Association to address its scandalous permissiveness to viewpoint discrimination and upon our government to reform the very practice of law. Further, we ask those currently serving in the legal industry to examine their conscience and start considering a different law, the the law of unintended consequences, in their zeal to improve our lives against our will.

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