Six Reasons Democrats Should be Incensed with Robert Mueller

Six Reasons Democrats Should be Incensed with Robert Mueller

Earlier this year, Joy Behar of The View, offered a very weak explanation for why Liberals heaped vitriol upon the innocent Covington teenagers, despite the fact the reports accusing the minors of wrongdoing were immediately discredited. The media wanted it to be true, explained Behar, because they hate Trump.

Unfortunately, that was the extent of the introspection. No questioning whether or not this made them bad people or if always acting in prejudicial hatred based on endless streams of lies and propaganda is detrimental to their reputations, much less their psychological health. The topic turned right back to hatred because that is what you do when you are fighting against the civil rights of your fellow American.

Be bitter and smug and never, ever question the validity of your side.

It is just one more reminder in an endless display that Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) is real and the Liberals suffering from it have lost their collective grip.

While it sounds like I am stereotyping, evidence of the existence of such a species as the sincere and well-meaning Liberal is increasingly hard to come by.

The problem may stem from the Soviet-style central party hierarchical control that has long been the standard of all media, social media, corporate, and political operatives. No one ever steps out of line even the slightest from approved opinion even if publicly espousing central party dogma is detrimental to one’s reputation, health, or financial standing.

On the Left, independent thought is simply verboten. It cannot be allowed because the whole point of Leftism is to rend all institutions of human characteristics because they gum up the evolutionary flow of society towards utopia.

So charitably at best, you could say Liberals now fall into one of two categories:

             1) Dupes. That is, people too stupid to understand they are lied to.

            2) Liars. People who do not care about the morality of the means being used to achieve an end.

Sound unbelievable?

If you are a Liberal, here is a tried and true litmus test to see either if you come across as a sincere person who is well intentioned but left leaning OR someone belonging to above two types – those who are incapable of knowing or caring about facts.

This test uses the Mueller Special Counsel Report. If you look at the facts surrounding the report from the eyes of a sincere Left-leaning American, there are reasons to be extremely critical to the point of suspecting the whole thing was a pro-Trump ruse from the very start.

As a clarification, these are not reasons to be upset about the process involved in producing the report, nor what it has done to the US system of justice with its illegal surveillance of political enemies and other gross violations of the constitution. You Liberals have already made it abundantly clear you do not care at all about fourth amendment rights, due process, and ethics.

This is a list of facts about the special counsel investigation that should be upsetting to you if you hate Trump with a burning passion, completely believe in your heart he is guilty of Russian collusion, and do not care how government goes about taking down the presidency.

1) All-Democrat team. The attorneys assembled as part of special counsel’s team not only consisted of Liberals, but strong supporters of Hillary Clinton and her foundation. Many were donors, personal acquaintances, or even employees under her. Not a single Republican?

Why this matters: Even if the special counsel’s team had been able to conjure evidence of criminal activity through the course of their two-year investigation, did Democrats expect the Republican electorate to accept the findings of such a team uncritically? It is almost as if no one organizing this operation cared about that key aspect of credibility. Perhaps they never had faith from the start that there were facts to support their claims and instead focused on creating a media event designed to put Americans at each others’ throats. Worse for Liberals, because the very same people who found no evidence of collusion are awash in ethical conflicts of interest and bias, it actually bolsters the validity of President Trump’s exoneration –- a point he continually tweets about. Choosing an ideologically diverse team should have been an obvious choice by anyone wanting to generate a factual and effective report.

2) The DNC server was never touched by Mueller’s investigation. No one on Mueller’s team of attorneys or FBI agents examined the server which was allegedly hacked in the first place. If you want to pin a crime on someone, why not trace the trail of evidence linking your suspect to the crime scene? Maybe I read too many Father Brown mysteries but this seems to be Crime Solving 101.

Why this matters: Talk about not having confidence in the truth! Ask yourself the question: how valid is a report about a crime that does not examine the crime scene? Are Mueller and team psychic crime solvers? To a disinterested and impartial observer, it almost seems as if Mueller is actively avoiding coming across clues that might challenge his assumptions. If you are a sincere Liberal, you might think the past two years have been one long business lunch.

3) Wikileaks was never contacted, much less questioned. Like the server, the Mueller team seemed content to rely on media reports, based on hearsay, planted by Obama administration holdovers who leaked to the press. There is no data concerning “Russian hacking” in his entire report – only references to unreliable hit pieces. In contrast, Wikileaks, for all their infamous revealing of classified, actually has a spotless record concerning the release of false information. In fact, no Democrat shamed by Wikileaks has ever successfully contested the truth of the content of the dumps. To this day, Wikileaks maintains they know the source of their DNC emails and flatly deny it had anything to do with Russia. And they say they can prove it.

Why this matters: Seriously. You expect a report alleging candidate Trump got help from Wikileaks to be accepted even though no attempt was made to even get an official statement from them? It certainly seems like Mueller’s team is going out of their way to avoid collecting any actual evidence. If I were a sincere Liberal, this fact would have incensed me. Was this whole thing a silly joke to them?

4) Pathetically underwhelming indictments. Manafort was convicted a crime committed decades ago. Roger Stone was accused but the charges have been in limbo when his attorney astutely decided to ask the government to provide any evidence of Russian hacking. And General Flynn was charged with evidence that had been deliberately falsified by his government accusers – namely, Mueller’s team.

Why this matters: These types of charges do not hint in the slightest at any sort of criminal activity within the campaign. Indeed, like the first point, it speaks to the president’s innocence that such litigation-happy mercenaries could not lay a finger on him. Liberals expected to see much more, like the highly anticipated perp walk of Don Jr. Instead they got a clusterf*** more indicative of criminal activity on the part of the investigators than the investigated.

5) Guilty until proven innocent? “If we had found evidence the President had not committed a crime, we would have said so.”

Why this matters: At least this standard is consistent with the Left’s understanding of law since the Kavanaugh hearings. Still, it is insincere when you apply this standard to Conservatives and “innocent even if proven guilty” to Liberals. Liberals expect no one to notice this while still trusting their grasp of the fundamentals of justice. This sentence outed Mueller as a lying hack, which undercuts his whole report. This report was never going to galvanize the people against Trump.

6) Can’t indict a sitting president? This novel reason for not returning any definitive recommendations is a first among investigations of the executive branch.

Why this matters: Mueller admits his investigation was meaningless from the start – which is a point upon which most Conservatives agree although for different reasons. A sincere Liberal would do well to ask what the whole point was in the first place. This feels more like an excuse for inaction on Mueller’s part than a reason for returning the biggest nothing burger in the history of American politics. Has he not heard of Ken Starr? Richard Nixon? Those investigations were not toothless exercises in futility. Why was his? If I were a Liberal, I would demand a second investigation by a competent and respectable attorney, not this garbage.

The above is not an exercise in persuasion. Frankly, if you still cling to hope for impeachment you are too far-gone. You have no clue how close you are to becoming the most widely loathed group of people in the country since the segregationists who attacked black schoolchildren for attending white schools.

The real reason for writing this is to demonstrate how obviously your sociopath tendencies are showing.

Not only are you cavalier about hideously illiberal abuses of government and advocating for police state powers to suppress your political rivals, but there is a whole other layer of crazy still untouched.

Whether misinformed or malevolent, you are a danger to the body politic and a cancer eating away at the fabric of society. Though you are not being called out on it now, everyone can see it.

In fact, we have been sitting calmly on sidelines for two years while you throw your transparent temper tantrums hoping you will eventually acknowledge reality and snap out of it. After wasting two years of this presidency and openly sabotaging our country, it is fast apparent our faith in your sincerity and intellect has been sorely misplaced.

With this dawning realization is the understanding that you have abused our graces and taken advantage of our patience. We are done LARPing your conspiracy theory. For the sake of the republic, we will no longer humor you.

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