Patriotism and Individual Liberty in the Global Reformation

On July 2, 2019 news broke of a sudden change in itinerary for Vice President Mike Pence. Reports indicated an abrupt cancellation of a New Hampshire speaking event on the opioid epidemic so he could immediately return to the White House. White House staffers were quick to dismiss concerns regarding safety of either the Vice President or President Trump. For a few agonizing hours no one knew for sure if Donald Trump, the man born on Flag Day, was in serious trouble just two days before Independence Day.

Beyond the concern for the President’s well-being was the shocking realization our movement has not clearly laid out a necessary condition for choosing a successor should it fall upon us to do so. Indeed, how many of us can even outline in definite and unambiguous language the answer to the question: What are we fighting for?

No less important is the question: Why is victory in this struggle important?

Previously, I wrote how the Trump revolution is in fact a civil rights movement comparable to previous US victories such as the American Revolution, the Civil War, and Rev. Martin Luther King’s civil rights struggle in the 60’s.

For lack of a better term, I have referred to this movement as the Trump Movement, but the events on July 2 underscore the danger in so closely associating what we are fighting for with the name of one man. Should the unthinkable happen, what will be our rallying cry? To whom shall we look for leadership?

We are not here simply because we wanted a brash non-politician in the Oval Office. This is not just about being anti-establishment, “disruptive,” or anti-corporation – though these are all essential traits of the movement. The ideas energizing us as a people stem from an assertion of individual liberty and human rights over the forces of bureaucracy, anti-patriotism, and multinational conglomerates whose decades of unchecked growth have consolidated into a formidable, if at times uneasy, alliance of oppression.

This alliance is supported by a latticework of institutional corruption and bigotry – cancers of the mind and soul metastasized into an unquestionable yet self-destructive morality guiding every policy, every business decision, and every public relations campaign.

To see how it operates one need only to look at the network surrounding Jeffrey Epstein and how they were kept in check through blackmail for unspeakable acts of abuse and criminal behavior. The American civilization is falling because there are no more people of conscience in positions of power at a time when the world is in the thrall of hundreds of Neros fiddling from D.C. to Paris; from Brussels to Beijing.

Thankfully, people around the world are waking up to the con and taking to the streets and the ballot boxes in order to fight the real resistance against this alliance.

Perhaps it is ironic that one of the fruits of globalism is the creation of the first global civil rights movement in human history. The fact of its universal necessity is itself a testimony of the hidden yet worldwide unity of the oppressor alliance.

Behind the facade of local corporations, universities, media, and governments, the alliance is coordinating its own counter moves and contingencies in an effort to bring us down. In the name of order, safety, and charity, they enact agendas and set policies meant to cripple us by depriving us of our God-given rights of speech, association, representation, and even self-defense.

No principle is too cherished or too foundational when it comes to their own safety and financial well-being. Patriotism is on the rise worldwide because it threatens their mechanisms of oppression. From the streets of America, to Brazil, to France we wave the flag of our respective countries because we know national pride represents an existential threat to the alliance’s system.

Granted, any group identity which is revered above the rights of the individual is a potential threat to the human rights of any other category, sub-group, or competing group. It is a fact of history that patriotism has played just such a role, but that does not mean the love of one’s country (or any other facet of identity) is itself an inherent evil.

All good can be perverted to the cause of evil. This is perhaps the single greatest moral pitfall of life. No one commits evil for the sake of evil. Our oppressors even now believe their actions justified in the name of a “greater good.” Their vision of a heavily-surveilled and unquestioning global citizenry obeying the every whim of an irreproachable elite class is merely one essential step on the path to an advanced and ultra-progressive utopia.

While patriotic furor has given rise to war and atrocities, history also teaches these forces of manipulative and corrupted jingoism are consistently defeated by the forces of selfless patriotism.

Ours is also this type of righteous patriotism. (And by “ours” I mean not just America but also Brazil, Italy, Poland, Hong Kong, France and elsewhere.)  This form of patriotism is an expression of our love of personal liberty as an extension our love country. This form of patriotism holds dear those institutions we trust to defend our freedom.

For us, patriotism is not an excuse for engaging in group think, but a bulwark against it. Recall when the world was threatened by Nazism, it was fought by America as Americans, by England as Britons, and by other patriots all over the world.

Right now, this same fight is once more occurring on the global stage. The Nazis, with their global ambitions and designs for micromanaging human society, were the Globalists of their day. They sought to subjugate the identities of other nations under the flag of the Third Reich. Under a global Nazi empire, national identities and quaint presumptions regarding representative government at local or national levels were not essential to the greater good of the Reich.

Today we are also engaged in a global civil war of ideas against an adversary who likewise seeks to subjugate us by erasing our national identities. Around the world, people rally to patriotic standards in order to protect the very concept of the nation state itself.

Our countries are the protectors of our personal liberty. If the causalities of this conflict include national identity, then the erosion of regional identity will soon follow suit – which will ultimately lead to the wholesale deletion of even personal identity.

The destruction of the individual is exactly what the protesters in Hong Kong are raising their voices against – the unaccountable Beijing elite who are attempting to both usurp the Hong Kong government and implement the social credit score system.

The heart of our movement is also the basis for the grand experiment of modern democracy – the concept of individual liberty. In a world of fallen and fallible people, this concept is always under threat. At this moment in human history however, it hangs by a hair.

Without individual liberty, there is no purpose to human existence. We become no more than biological automatons living in the matrix of some despot’s dream. Our own dreams, hopes, longings and desires are irrelevant. Neither are the concepts of self-determination, human rights, and representational government. You cannot have any of these unless you acknowledge the individual’s right to live freely.

Unsurprisingly then, forced irrelevancy is the primary tool of our oppressors. Unaccustomed to defending their own goals and motivations through persuasion and debate, they instead prefer top-down brute force solutions to maintaining their status. So twitter deboosts accounts, Facebook hides posts, Google’s Youtube deplatforms, and Chase Manhattan de-banks. They are implementing a de facto social credit score system. Meanwhile criminal terrorists and pedophiles communicate, orchestrate, and plan political action openly on these very same platforms.

It does not matter to the media enforcers if their actions affect a teenager in the heartland or a conservative candidate running for national office. Their man-made and narrow morality of hipster virtue authorizes any manner of violation of human rights from individual liberty, to government representation, to simple ethical fair treatment.

We might as well get used to it too if our movement fails. We must remind ourselves constantly what it is we are fighting for or run the risk of falling prey to a slick doppelganger who speaks and acts like one of us but carries no real sympathies for our cause.

As defenders of individual liberty against slavish global tyranny, we are each facet to the same righteous cause. This is the cause which stirred the passions of our forebears – the wise founders of our mighty nation. As Americans, we owe it to them and ourselves to always bear this in mind.

What is at stake is no less than the fruits of their sacrifice, which we honor in our own words and deeds. Our movement is simultaneously a continuation of their struggle and a reaffirmation of their victory.