"You know What I Am, I'm A Nationalist!" - President Trump In Houston

"You know What I Am, I'm A Nationalist!" - President Trump In Houston

President Trump fills stands in Houston, Texas during a campaign even. Photo: The Houston Courant.

President Trump fills stands in Houston, Texas during a campaign even. Photo: The Houston Courant.

Crowds waited over night to see a historic Houston gathering of the new Trump GOP. The President headlined the event, showing up in support of incumbent Senator Ted Cruz.

The 2018 Texas election is only fourteen days away, and Senator Cruz has a fair margin over opponent Robert O’Rourke. The main themes of the rally; peace, prosperity, and illegal migration.

Gov. Abbott

Governor Greg Abbott took to the stage cheering the accomplishments of the GOP and business growth. “Texas has the tenth largest economy in the world… That makes me more powerful than Putin!”

“We’ve been working with the President to secure our border… We have banned sanctuary city policies.” Said the Governor to ecstatic Texans. “This election is about the future of the United States of America.”

Lara and Eric Trump

Lara Trump entered in typical Trumpian fashion, as a Rockstar, “Houston!” The crowd responded graciously, confirming the Trump family is popular in Texas. “Donald Trump believes in the American Dream.”

Lara highlighted one of the main accomplishments of the Trump administration, pushing toward a peaceful and denuclearized Korean Peninsula.

Eric Trump took the stage with an introduction from his wife Lara. “We are driving the Democrats absolutely nuts,” referring to numerous incidents of left-wing violence and hysteria across America.

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz is a favorite among Senate Republicans, among men like Rand Paul and Mike Lee. “God Bless Texas. And God Bless President Donald Trump. We are living in extraordinary times.”

The Senator hinted he would not run for reelection in 2020, happily embracing President Trump during the next election cycle. This is a huge win for GOP unity.

President Trump, Migration, and the Criminal Caravan

The coordinators readied the Presidential Seal on the podium at 6:35pm. Only the President of the United States has the authority to speak with the seal. The President entered and addressed the migrant caravan within minutes.

“They call it the caravan”.    “That is an assault on our country.” “We can’t let that happen to our country”.    

President Trump wasted no time addressing the criminal migrant caravan, condemning the countries south of the border who let the people through unchecked. “They have to come in legally, and they have to come in through merit.” The crowd cheers build the wall. “We started the wall, we have a billion-six”

Illegal migration is a hot issue this election. The President campaigned on addressing open borders in 2016, and thus far has been blocked by congress and the courts. The caravans approaching the United States have given the President a reason to declare a state of emergency, allowing for military force if necessary to defend the country’s southern border.

CNN and the lying media spin live.

Before the President left the stage, CNN and other left wing media outlets worked in overdrive to spin the speakers’ words. As if coordinated, all media outlets pushed the “lyin’ Ted to ‘Beautiful Ted’” line, and suggested that inaccurate poll numbers were very much “to the dismay” of republican voters.

Trump The Nationalist

In an unexpected surprise, the President revealed what his America First platform means, “We’re putting America first…You know what I am, I’m a nationalist!”


-Illegal migration received the most cheering

-The traditional Republican policy of lowering taxes didn’t get the cheers like migration control did.  

-In the opinion of the Houston Courant, Texas Senator John Cornyn was out of place during the rally, if not boring. He, on average, failed to garner the excitement of the crowd, except when mentioning the Governor, Senator Cruz, or President Trump’s name. The Conservatives should be weary of a 2020 Beto O’Rourke Run against Cornyn. It is unlikely O’Rourke will beat Ted Cruz, but we don’t hold the same odds against Cornyn. Rock star appeal will be paramount going forward in 2020.

-Heavy contrasts between the far-left policies of California to Texas.

-President Trump removes the stigma from the word Nationalist

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