Antifa Attacks! National Lawyer’s Guild Observers Turn Blind Eye

Antifa Attacks! National Lawyer’s Guild Observers Turn Blind Eye

Leftists are all about disparities. When they are not protesting gender gaps, pay gaps, racial disparities, and trans gaps; they are busy advocating policies which ensure these differences become more pronounced.

The Justice Gap.

Today, that semblance of a two-tiered justice system is starting to take shape in the form of legal precedent and jurisprudence as members of the domestic terror organization, Antifa, receive light to no punishment for felony crimes committed not only in the course of their political activities, but in their personal lives as well.

In a startling ruling earlier this year, Eric Clanton aka the “Bike Lock Professor”, was let off from his sentence after bashing in the skulls of multiple unsuspecting victims in California while Portland resistance leader Micah Rhodes was given probation for not one, but two separate counts of sexually abusing minors. And these were not even his first offenses.

Again in Portland, after the 18 November #HimToo protests against false rape accusations, journalist and photographer Andy Ngo captured footage of Antifa assaults which he posted to his Twitter account.

While a violent physical confrontation by Antifa is not unusual, the presence of legal observers in masks and bright green caps is definitely a new addition.

The green caps (circled in red and running away) are representatives of the Communist legal group, the National Lawyers Guild. As its name suggests, the NLG is a group of lawyers, law students, and paralegals and operates as the “nation’s oldest and largest progressive bar association.”

Among its legal advocacy activities, the NLG  promotes “human rights over property interests” by acting as legal observers at leftist events and protests – which is what its members ostensibly were doing at the Portland #HimToo counter protests last week.

Unfortunately, as this video demonstrates, the courageous masked legal workers of the NLG have been caught on camera possibly violating their oaths by deliberately looking away and fleeing the scene whenever the Antifa resisters instigated violence against conservatives who were peacefully attempting to depart the venue.


Note the second NLG observer is relaxed as shes faces away from the drama.

Until the violence rounds the corner when suddenly she senses a soy latte is in dire need of legal assistance in opposite direction of the assault. The helmeted men she sidles past are not police but more would-be attackers.

Attorneys wishing to practice law in Oregon must swear to “observe and abide by the Rules of Professional Conduct approved by the Supreme Court of the State of Oregon,” as well as to support the US and state constitutions.

It is curious too see two sets of observers perform abrupt about faces and run from the action whenever Antifa begins attacking conservatives. Curious because one would suspect observing hostilities to be a  prime reason for acting as a “legal observer” in the first place.

But then, it is difficult to prosecute conservatives for being violent when you personally become an eye witness to illegal assault by their ideological counterparts.

It would be interesting to see how these observers would testify in court if subpoenaed on behalf of the HimToo victims who were attacked.

Not only is the behavior of these observers arguably unprofessional, they are turning their backs on the scene of a crime apparently because they disagree with the political stances of the victims. Is this really putting “human rights above property interests”?

One might charitably conclude the reason for the flight response was because the NLG observers feared for their safety, but this contradicts the tough girl image they promote on their own site.

These events represent another in a growing canon of anti-liberal leftist double standards. Legal observers dedicated to protecting “human rights” are joining with street thugs using violence to push a political agenda – even going as far as wearing face masks and turning a blind eye to their criminal activity.

There is no doubt had the conservatives been the first to trade blows the NLG observers would have unleashed the full force of the law and exploited their positions as eye witnesses to see justice done.

Conservatives have been protesting this disparity in the justice system for years now yet, there has been no accountability for this act.

We are witnessing the erosion of human rights into a two-tiered system conforming to regressive leftist hypocrisy. As they continue to win in courtrooms, expect this institutional power to harden as a corrective measure to punish Americans for holding and expressing incorrect opinions.

We would like to thank independent journalist Andy C. Ngo (twitter: @MrAndyNgo) for his work in capturing these scenes. Please consider supporting his work.

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