Lizzie Fletcher, Far-left activist running for Houston

Lizzie Fletcher, Far-left activist running for Houston

Early voting ended on Friday and this weekend undecided voters have a little time on their hands to contemplate their choices before Tuesday’s big vote. An extra hour Saturday night probably does not hurt, either.

Democratic challenger Lizzie Fletcher is challenging Republican incumbent John Culberson on the basis that he has not done enough in his tenure as a representative of the Texas people in the United States congress. She apparently is unaware of the fact Texans do not choose their representatives solely on the basis of the how much paperwork they generate while in office.

Indeed, as the state which long supported Libertarian Ron Paul, Texans are proud to promote more common sense priorities in Washington. We prefer legislators who are busy representing their constituents, not representative busy-bodies.

A review of Lizzie Fletcher’s campaign reveals her agenda is one of enforcing DC’s values on Houston:

·        Puts immigrants’ needs before those of Texans


·        Joined the lying smear campaign against the innocent Justice Kavanaugh

·        Promotes universal Medicare, a program that is as undesirable as it is unworkable.

You can be forgiven for thinking Fletcher’s views are less extreme than those of the far left that have taken control of the Democrat party. There has been a demonstrable change in her language since the primaries when she ran against an anti-establishment Laura Moser who had the backing of the party’s Socialist fringe advocates Our Revolution.

In the early days of her campaign, Lizzie Fletcher was a strong advocate of the Dream Act, or DACA, an ill-advised plan designed to keep corporate overlords happy through the mass importation of cheap labor that would suppress workers’ wages across the state.

Her most recent Twitter post on the subject was back in April this year. Prior to that, she posted on DACA three times in January. Since then? Not a peep.

Fletcher has also remained mum on the nearly 10,000 strong army currently making its way to our border despite the fact the caravan is a hotly debated topic in public circles and in politics. Not a single tweet can be found on the topic. Nor is it mentioned in her campaign website.

Houstonians might find it topical, but Fletcher cannot be bothered to offer an opinion or even a plan.

This is a big deal. According to her Social Bearing profile, Fletcher has issued 200 tweets in the past 22 days alone. That’s roughly nine tweets a day, or about once every two hours. How is this level of activity maintained without once touching on the matter?

Why won’t she respond to the caravan issue? Is she being dismissive, derelict, or simply afraid? None of these are the kinds of qualities voters look for when they consider proper representation in District 7. There are criminals, rapists, and even terrorists in that caravan in addition to the thousands of low-wage exploitable labor that lowers the quality of living across the board in our communities.

Not to mention the disturbing rationale the caravaners appear to operating under: We Americans have no right to say who comes and goes in our own country. More than anything, this should scare voters. Fletcher’s website touts a dedication to border safety, but if the mass of job-seekers are allowed in, what does it even mean to have a border?

Fletcher’s economics are similarly two-faced. On her twitter feed and her campaign website, she promises to be for a “competitive economy” but her plans, which include more government-sponsored development plans straight out of Chinese Central Party planning, would only stifle our burgeoning economy.

Her plans will only set us back by putting Houstonians on the hook for more ill-conceived government loans instead of simply allowing the Main Street economy to breathe as it has under President Trump. With black and Hispanic employment at record levels, how could she in good conscience advocate for the tired Obama-era policies that killed small businesses and crushed innovation?

As Project Veritas has shown, Democrats are not above electoral bait and switch as a cynical ploy to maintain power. Single candidates simultaneously run multiple campaigns or order to fool voters into supporting them at the polls.

This year in Texas, we have already seen Socialists secretly running on the Democratic ticket, the misappropriation of campaign funds to help non-Americans, as well as mobs and thuggish behavior on our own streets. We deserve better than candidates who run from the tough issues while giving canned two-faced performances just so Nancy Pelosi can build her private cadre of politician resisters.

We deserve better. That is why voters need to let Fletcher continue fleeing from common sense and send John Culberson to represent District seven.

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