Media Abuse: the Left’s Dysfunctional Relationship with Itself

Media Abuse: the Left’s Dysfunctional Relationship with Itself

Imagine having so little self-respect that you find yourself returning to your abuser within days of malicious treatment. Such is the Regressive Left’s relationship with its own media apparatuses.

Twice this week we were witness that semi-monthly custom where Democrats gather in somber funeral attire and lined up behind the impeachment hearse ready to start a brand new political regime in the name of Muh Russia. On Monday, hearts were all aflutter with anticipation over the impending incarceration of Jerome Corsi over his gasp role in meeting with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange in the Ecuadorian embassy in London gasp during the 2016 campaign.

The story barely lasted a day before it collapsed completely under its own weight with Corsi returning fire against Mueller’s legal team by filing a complaint and Wikileaks maneuvering to sue The Guardian over its role in disseminating a demonstrably false and maliciously intended falsehood.

Mueller’s original claim that supposedly locked down team Trump for its role in collusion was revealed as no more than an assumption based on a misunderstanding, bolstered by hearsay. He even threw in some wishful thinking, stupidity, and unethical threatening in the mix for good measure. For all his effort, the final construct held up worse than a gossamer sail in a typhoon.

That “construct”? It was a lie. Just like everything else related to the shifting sand morass that is the Muh Russia investigation. It is pure fantasy meant to worm its way into your brain for no other purpose than to deceive we Americans.

Hours after that lie was revealed, the media pivoted to Michael Cohen and the Left recommenced its routine deep inhalation of those heady impeachment fumes.

Dan Bongino did nearly an hour-long podcast detailing why the Cohen story was a last minute stab in the dark after the blatantly desperate Corsi story went dead. It is one of those explanations well worth five minutes of listening yet will undoubtedly have you hooked to the end.

Suffice it to say, neither Cohen nor Corsi are linked the 2016 campaign and Cohen, is notoriously unreliable witness who is pleading guilty to lying. This is the prosecution’s “cooperating witness”?

My question at this point is: Who are these people who get lied to one day, and then return to the same source ready to believe every syllable is resonant with cosmic truth? 

Leftist, you do see that, don’t you?

You do see those are the same smiling morons on the local evening news who told you just a few days ago Trump’s reign was all but finished?

I am not even asking you to recall the umpteen trillion times they did this to you already since November 2016. I am only asking you to expand your recall beyond that of a goldfish.

They are lying to you. Why listen?

I am reminded of the 2016 election when nearly every “conservative” outlet, station, radio show, and pundit went full bore against then candidate Donald Trump even after winning the GOP nomination and even to the extent of advocating for Hillary Clinton.

Conservatives did not take kindly to the hectoring and belittling put forward by once respected news sources. Entire careers were shipwrecked on those rocks when the consumers made it known they would rather wade through the internet on their own in an effort to find new minds capable of giving the straight story.

Sites like The Federalist, TownHall, and The Blaze; voices like Megyn Kelly, Glenn Beck, Ben Shapiro, and nearly all of Fox News and Fox Business – many are now defunct or struggling due to severely damaged credibility.

Conservatives did not hesitate to cut themselves off the sources of corporatist globalist poison. I like to think it has to do with that tenant of conservative thinking: self-respect. People who are not filled with self-loathing cannot stand phonies and liars.

There is no trusting those whose allegiances spin on a dime. Glenn Beck may have spent half his adult life fretting over the machinations of George Soros but the moment he saw someone more popular than him take up his mantle, he bent over backward to sabotage the effort and in so doing revealed himself a petty fool.

One wonders if the Romenyesque “stern conservative” Mormon Beck loses sleep over the fact he was replaced by a shirtless Pagan, or if the panel on The Five are frightened by their usurpation by a bearded British video game aficionado, or or if the media moguls were surprised all their sites and shows were unceremoniously dumped for real news straight from Four Chan, Eight Chan, and an obscure subreddit.

Then there’s Megyn. She was not so much replaced as she was given a one way ticket to skid row. Seriously, has anyone seen her?

So what is it Leftists lack that prevents them from taking similar action. Is it because they are not demeaned by lies? That they prefer manipulation to action? Or do they not care? Perhaps they tune in to be feed their daily dose of outrage because confirmation bias is too strong a dopamine kick.

Whatever the reason, this has gone from humorous, to darkly fascinating, and on to sickening. The Left wing media is toying with their audience like a cat with a mouse and Leftists, for their part, have no interest in escaping.

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