Trump Sleepers… Waiting For the Right Moment.

The voter polls are starting to stack up like Lincoln logs intended to build a house of uncertainty and confusion around voters. The shock thirsty media can’t help themselves and insist on using polls as reliable predictors of the election. It’s laughable considering the polls in 2016 had Hillary winning by a landslide. Why is America so consumed with the numbers produced by skewed samples and bias questions?

Projections and polls are entertaining and easily manipulated but they cannot account for one thing, the immeasurable will of the voters. We are inwardly armed with the solid knowledge of economic growth and real progress toward securing our southern border. What Trump lacks in decorum he counters with accomplishments. The last four years have been hard fought by Republicans who inched American issues ahead and squeaked through legislation for the greater good guided by the commander and chief who is beholden to his voters.

Thanks to ratings hungry media and ill-informed celebrities, our country finds itself engulfed in an inward battle. Political rendezvous unfold in murky depths hard to navigate and the vicious warriors remain cloaked behind keyboards, microphones, and a craven shawl of constant input.  A certain amount of respect and dignity once guided the rules of engagement and agendas overlapped just enough to keep the machine of America and the will of its people operating, like a seesaw moving through the up and down motions of each party and remaining balanced enough to foster the foundations laid by our forefathers.

The election presents two clear choices, vote for Trump who has provided tangible daily evidence of achievement or vote for a Democrat whose views lean into a first stage of socialism.  Just three years ago, most moderate Democrats would pass out in fearful tremors before admitting to support Trump. Today, moderate Democrats see the party swept almost completely away by a socialist agenda. Given the choice between holding hands with the (perceived) enemy, President Trump and certain death, moderate Democrats now must make the only logical choice, four more years of predictable rein or death of the traditional Democratic party. Democrats who vow their allegiance to party lines will quietly and strategically, take a deep breath, swallow hard and cast a vote for the fundamental construct of this nation.

Democrats embracing the socialist agenda are crippling their own party. Americans want to focus on moving forward and most aren’t interested in a complete reset of the American political system. If one Democratic candidate would acknowledge the President’s accomplishments and offer ways to build on the existing prosperity instead of trying to convince intelligent people the country is falling apart, they might stand a chance. Dismantling what is working for our country isn’t going to get people to vote for the unknown.

Resisting the onslaught of rhetoric and confusion served by the way of intellectual propaganda is cumbersome. Americans are working, making gains and swelling inwardly at the small accomplishments. Perhaps the little victories are sweeter because the journey has been so treacherous. Like a prize fighter resting until the last second to rise and deliver the fatal blow, many Americans are still and quiet, taking a breath and gathering themselves...reserved in their support of our Commander and Chief are waiting for the right moment to rise up and throw the knockout punch.

Even proud conservatives find themselves shamed into a temporary state of defeat created by a false narrative of racism, homophobia, and misogyny but truth and pride will prevail at the polls in November and the private victory won behind a curtain reminds us all that we collectively have the power to keep America great.