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Trump Derangement Syndrome

One must admit President Trump has “poked the bear”, (or in this case poked the donkey) so to speak. With his twitter thumbs seemingly always poised for battle, he assigned the label several times to the fearful masses who appear genuinely deranged.

Cuck and a Hard Place

The problem for Lemonis is not only does his Camping World company sell ammunition and other shooting equipment, but Gander Outdoor, the company Camping World bought out of bankruptcy at the end of 2017, sells those dreaded “military-style” rifles online.

In Texas, It’s a Dog’s Life!

Not only is physician dispense safe, it has also been shown to increase medication adherence rates. A 2016 study of physician dispense in the Medicare Advantage program found that medication adherence increased 17 percent for oral antidiabetic agents, 29 percent for cholesterol medications, and 21 for blood pressure medications.