Crooked Cop Mueller Strikes Again!

Crooked Cop Mueller Strikes Again!

Robert Mueller. Source:  CQ Roll Call Inc.

Robert Mueller. Source: CQ Roll Call Inc.

Better people get better treatment and better laws. Robert Mueller’s hand has been forced. With internal Democrat polls showing the general public shifting massively towards the Trump’s anti-corruption and pro-freedom platform, team DNC-MSM needed a game-changer to shift the topic away from the increasingly dubious “Russian Collusion” narrative. At the same time, Mueller, whose legacy is threatened by his association with small team of FBI and DOJ conspirators mounting a silent coup against our democratically elected president, needs to step back from the fray and reclaim some of his dignity.

The play? Thirteen Russians indicted for “election interference” a laughable charge given that none of the thirteen mentioned were responsible for “election hacking” or even demonstrably influencing votes (because it did not happen) nor were they responsible for depositing millions of dollars into the coffers of Hillary Clinton’s campaign in exchange even though that much more heinous crime actually happened.

But there are different rules for people who support Bernie Sanders, Black Lives Matters, and Donald Trump, as these Russian actors are alleged to have done. Facilitate espionage through backroom deals for assets essential to national security? No prob, says the Special Counsel. Start a small street skirmish by playing both sides of the political spectrum? Well off to jail you go!

This is a farce. Special Counsel Mueller should be ashamed of himself. This will not secure him a place of honor in any institution unless the institution in question is built of brimstone. It is embarrassing to see how stupid he thinks the American citizen is.

The next step in the shaping of the political narrative is up to the journalists who will no doubt breathlessly cover this (not so) earthshaking event like it proves some sort of Trump-Russia connection. Now, instead of “Russian collusion” however, we have president Trump being framed as “Russia’s choice.” Watch for it. We are going to get selective leaks from the trial and other details presented as salacious and damning.

You cannot call it ironic. It is the left’s modus operandi to accuse others of what it is doing. The Russians indicted are accused of fomenting doubt about the election process. But if that was really a crime, then the FBI, the DOJ, the DNC, and the entire media apparatus should be locked up and hauled away with them, with lil’ Special Counsel Mueller at the head of the pack.

Who has fomented more doubt, more suspicion, and yes, more domestic terror regarding the outcome of the 2016 election than Mueller and his team of rats?

But laws are for us little people.

Mueller’s fig leaf in the indictment are the actual details. His actions have the veneer of plausible law enforcement. Compared to the murder of Seth Rich, these activities amount to little more than a charge that money exchanged hands for the “object [of] impairing, obstructing, and defeating the lawful governmental functions of the United State by dishonest means in order to interfere with the US political and electoral processes, including the 2016 US presidential election.”

That sounds so much more nefarious than it is and that is the point. The true details in the case, and perhaps even the results of the trials themselves will be selectively revealed by the press so their consumers only see and hear and what confirms their existing biases. It is a tool for ramping up energy going into 2018 and nothing less.

As an infamous traitor once opined, “That’s it?”

If it does go to trial and the conspirators are jailed, it will only serve to heighten the hypocrisy and corruption endemic to Washington DC. Were not Comey, Baker, Rice, Strzork, Page, Contreras, the Ohrs, Clinton, and even Obama guilty of far worse?

Travesty and shame, thy name is Mueller.

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