The goal in government “is to do nothing,” say federal workers who are crying crocodile tears over a single missed paycheck

A senior official in the Trump administration who recently spoke with The Daily Caller on the condition of anonymity has expressed full-fledged support for the continued partial shutdown of the federal government, revealing that the vast majority of government workers do absolutely nothing of use or value anyway – and in many cases, are actively working against President Trump’s agenda.

This individual, who like many others is currently working without a paycheck, offered up succinct and to-the-point advice for the president: Keep the shutdown going in order to eliminate all the waste – and never look back. In so many words, this federal employee wants every American to know that, despite all the bellyaching by the “resistance,” this shutdown is a good thing for the country.

Though the crux of the issue, at least on the surface, is a left-versus-right squabble over border security and Trump’s request for wall funding, this federal employee sees it as a unique opportunity to greatly reduce the size of government – which is long overdue, this individual says, having witnessed firsthand the unprecedented amount of dead weight occupying our nation’s federal agencies.

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