Google employees consider the word “family” to be hate speech… it “triggers” liberals into a total meltdown

Amid revelations that Google engineers have engaged in flagrant censorship by downgrading search results and placing ‘controversial’ terms like “abortion” on blacklists so pro-life content is hidden comes a new report that some employees are ‘triggered’ by traditional American values like “family.”

Or, at least, the word ‘family.’

As reported by The Daily Caller, an executive with the company sparked a major backlash from employees when the word was used in a weekly company-wide presentation, internal documents the news site obtained indicate.

Apparently, several employees were angered by the term because it was used in relation to a product aimed at children — because the implication was that only families have children, according to the documents. The backlash became serious enough and large enough that a Google vice president was forced to address the ‘controversy’ by asking for feedback about how Google could be more…inclusive.

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