FAKE NEWS AGAIN: Native Activist Approached MAGA Teens. Was not surrounded

FAKE NEWS AGAIN: Native Activist Approached MAGA Teens. Was not surrounded

Update 1 (12:53 pm):

Attorney Robert Barnes offered to represent the students for free if they wished to sue Maggie Haberman of the New York Times for libel.

According to Journalist Jack Posobiec, the parents are in contact with Barnes.

Three far-left activist writers for the Washington Post slandered a group of young conservative teens Jan. 20th, 2019. Cleve R. Wootson Jr., Antonio Olivo and Joe Heim knowingly withheld the full context of a brief exchange between minors and a Native American man during a rally near the Lincoln Memorial.

The teens surrounded the Native man? No, this is a lie.

New video evidence emerged that tells a drastically different tale than what the Washington Post authors fabricated. Independent journalist Mike Cernovich confirmed via livestream that the teens were chanting before the emergence of the native drummer and the camera crews. It was only after Nathan Phillips, the drummer, approached and stood in front of the group that the young children’s attention were turned to him.

“Whites go back to Europe”

Olivo, Wooston and Heim oddly omitted a racist outburst by Nathan Phillips toward the children. He demanded all whites to go back to Europe. Local Houston press ABC13 curiously dodged this outburst as well.

Pretending to be a victim after confronting children

Once the far-left narrative went viral, along with the face of a minor published across the liberal press, CNN received comment from Phillips playing the victim.

Speaking to CNN, Nathan Phillips said, "Here is a group of people who were angry at somebody else and I put myself in front of that. All of a sudden...all that anger and wanting to have the freedom to rip me apart, that was scary."


But what exactly was he afraid off? The teens simply smiled and laughed. At no point was there any threat of violence. The video evidence is clear, nothing happened to Phillips.

The Catholic Diocese of Covington bears false witness against teens

The teens are students at Covington Catholic High School. Presumably, after pressure from far-left activists, the school released a statement condemning the actions of the students. As no violence took place, we are left wondering what the violation was. Is this a case of the Catholic Diocese bearing false witness against the students? We requested a comment from the Catholic Diocese, but have not yet received a reply.

View the full video of the event below.

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