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Update from Police Chief Art Acevedo and Mayor Turner :

- No officers are dead
- A dozen narcotics officers and about 6 patrol officers were serving a warrant, specifically for black tar heroin.
- Police breached door announcing themselves.
- Immediately upon breach, officers came under fire from one or two suspects.
- Five officers injured, four struck by gunfire. Two currently in surgery. Families are at hospital. The officers in surgery are a 40 year old and a 50 year old.
- SWAT and other agencies formed a perimeter.
- SWAT took control of scene, used robots to search residence.
- HPD confirmed to shoot two of suspects.
- A second officer involved shooting happened in North Houston.

Police gather around Memorial Hermann Hospital.

Police gather around Memorial Hermann Hospital.

7:21 pm: Scene secure, families allowed back into their homes.

Update from Police officer’s union: Three officers in stable condition. Two in critical condition.

Update from KHOU11 (6:48 pm): Two suspects are dead. Police arrived on scene to serve a warrant.

Houston Police announced five officers were hit by gunfire while in a confrontation with a suspect at the 7800 block of Harding in southeast Houston, Texas. One policeman was transported to the Medical center via helicopter, the remaining four were rushed by vehicle. One suspect is confirmed dead.

Two officers are in critical condition. One shot in the leg, another shot in the head, and a third shot in the shoulder.

SWAT police are still on the scene. Police are warning to stay away from the area. A two block area is sealed off by law enforcement. An officer said the immediate area was evacuated (6:42 pm).

A witness on the ground claimed the suspects in the house were drug dealers. This has not yet been confirmed by authorities. The witness also claimed about 15 shots were initially fired.

Two other suspects may be barricaded in a house (via KHOU11, unconfirmed by Houston Courant).

Mayor Turner arrived at Memorial Hermann Hospital at 6:08 pm. Officials will brief the public around 7:30 pm.

Gov. Abbott released a statement on the attack via twitter, “This evening’s horrific attack on police officers is a solemn reminder of the service and sacrifice our brace men and women in law enforcement make every day to keep us safe.”

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