Hollywood tried to bury documentary about pedophilia in the film industry

As more allegations come to light of sexual misconduct against Hollywood’s elite, a damning film that was released in 2015 is finally gaining some traction. You’ve probably never heard of An Open Secret. It billed itself as “the film Hollywood doesn’t want you to see,” and they weren’t joking – the documentary didn’t have much of a theatrical release, nor did it have a TV or video distribution deal.

The hedge fund manager who backed the film financially, Gabe Hoffman, told the Guardian: “We got zero Hollywood offers to distribute the film. Not even one. Literally no offers for any price whatsoever.”

Why would a film directed by an Oscar-nominated director, Amy Berg, get the cold shoulder from Hollywood? It surely has a lot to do with the fact that it reveals evidence of teenage boys and children being sexually abused by prominent film industry players.

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