Natural treatments are catching on: 81% of people prefer a healthy lifestyle over drugs, according to study

When it comes to addressing health problems, there are two general paths you can take: the conventional medical approach or the natural route. In the past, many people believed natural treatments couldn’t possibly be as effective as the medications prescribed by doctors, but that attitude appears to be shifting as more and more research highlights the efficacy and safety of these treatments. In fact, a new survey has found that an overwhelming majority of people prefer a healthy lifestyle over drugs when it comes to diabetes management.

In a Liva Healthcare poll of people with type 2 diabetes, 81 percent of respondents said they would rather improve their diet and exercise before turning to prescription medications. Doctors agree, although not to quite the same extent; 54 percent said they’d rather treat the condition with lifestyle changes like regular exercise and weight loss. Of course, there’s a financial incentive for prescribing drugs that may explain the smaller margin, but the preference toward natural still exists.

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