Greatest of All Time Tom Brady’s 6th Super Bowl Win Infuriates Trump Haters

When the New England Patriots won their sixth Super Bowl on Sunday evening with a 13-3 defeat of the Los Angeles Rams, it was a massive loss for haters of President Donald Trump — an ardent supporter of the Patriots and their quarterback Tom Brady.

Tom Brady wins his sixth Super Bowl ring comes at 41 years old, and the media and other critics of Trump–including CNN and the Daily Beast–cannot be happy.

Earlier on Sunday, the Daily Beast ran a hit piece on Boston sports fans, calling the city’s history one filled with racism. The piece cited as “evidence” for the claim the fact that former Boston Celtics stars Kevin McHale and Larry Bird were white and that Tom Brady, Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, and Patriots owner Bob Kraft are Trump supporters, as well as Tom Yawkey — the former Red Sox owner who did not racially integrate the team until after the rest of Major League Baseball decades ago.

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